Vegvisir Mens Sweater Navy

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Vegvisir is a beautifully detailed men's sweater decorated with runes, symbols and interlacing from the Viking Age. In the center of the back is the Vegvisir (signpost) symbol. This is an Old Norse symbol found in the Icelandic book called Huld Manuscript. The wearer of this symbol is said to never get lost in storms or bad weather, even if the way is unknown. Next to the Vegvisir symbol is the symbol for luck from the ancient runic alphabet. Odin's illusion rune is said to give its bearer the ability to become a shapeshifter or even invisible. In battle, this symbol would give you the strength and courage of a bear. The braided pattern is inspired by the decorative braids often used in drawings from the Viking Age.

Fittingly, the Vegvisir sweater is made of 100% fine Norwegian wool from the first shearing of the sheep. The short fibers of the wool make the yarn finer and softer, giving us a lightweight, warm and comfortable sweater. The neck is lined with skin-soft merino wool.

Norwegian wool is one of the most animal-friendly textile fibers in the world. Our wool comes from the "dalasau" ("valley sheep"), known to roam freely on the vast Norwegian slopes and graze on natural pastures. A revolutionary new wool treatment with natural, non-toxic salts makes this jacket soft and machine washable.


  •     100% fine Norwegian wool
  •     Neckline made of skin-friendly merino wool
  •     Designed and knitted in Norway
  •     Machine washable on wool cycle
  •     All our wool is mulesing free
  •     Regular fit
  •     S-XXL
  •     30.5 micron
  •     7 gauge (thickness)
  •     6 plies
  •     Saddle Cuff

  • Brand: Dale of Norway
  • : Men
  • Color: Blue/Navy
  • : Pullover
  • Size: MLXL2XL
  • Outer material: 100% Norwegian new wool
  • Hersteller: daleofnorway
  • Membran: keine Membran
  • Passform: Masculine
  • Kollektion: Heritage
  • Herstellerfarbe: Navy

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